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SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 50mm T0.95 PART I

Camera: EPIC-X w/ Spacecam LM/ARC mount. Shooting 5k FF in RED COLOR 3

TECHNICAL: Focus Chart
This is about as technical as this review will get. The full 5K versions will go up on flickr for anyone interested to pixel peep. But the SLR_M was pretty sharp @ T0.95 and sharpened up very quickly at T1.4 & T2.0. The CA is very minimal @ T0.95.

SLR_M CINE 50mm @ T0.95

This lens is SOLID. Each one of these are hand crafted and you can tell. Very well built. 62mm filter ring. Built in sliding lens hood. Weight just over 2 pounds.

To be named “CINE” I would think the lens would have focus and aperture gears. This prototype did not. Maybe this will change with the production units. The aperture is declicked and silky smooth to operate … a “CINE” plus.

PERSONAL NOTE: The lack of focus and aperture gears is not a huge disappointment for me. I will primarily be using my LEICA M glass in the most run and gun light configurations w/o any follow focus…matte box etc. This would change of course if SLR Magic were to release an entire line of CINE lenses.

A rare overcast day in Los Angeles …

Excellent image quality wide-open. This lens is very sharp. Close focus is 0.7 meters.

(zoomed in)


(zoomed in)
SLR_M CINE  has a round aperture through out the aperture range keeping the bokeh circular at all stops. Bokeh and out of focus areas are silky smoooooth.

Thanks to the actor Karl E Landler for standing in.


WISH ONE and big one. A complete set of HyperPrime Cine lenses matched for color and contrast uniform T stop across the set. A 35mm, 50mm, 85mm @ T0.95. Hahaha…right. Well a matching set in T1.0-1.2 range would be nice…

WISH TWO It would be nice to have a few screw holes for the addition of a focus lever. I added my own bolt on version for the test. On the EPIC and I imagine on other cine style bodies the thin, “close to the body” style focus ring can be a bit difficult to grip.

WISH THREE Focus and Aperture gears

WISH FOUR Bring back the NOKTOR name … or go with HyperPrime… What’s in a name… ask the Chevy Nova.


PART II : Bokeh  SLR MAGIC CINE 50mm T0.95 vs CANON 50mm F0.95 (DREAM LENS)