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I had some pristine uncoated lenses converted for use on my EPIC. I finally had a chance to test this one out …. an UNCOATED PREWAR XENON SCHNEIDER 50mm f2 (MINT). I am really happy with the look this lens renders so far. Uncoated flares, low contrast… SHARP yet creamy, Vintage style bokeh. Currently looking for a 35 to complete a small set. I have an 80mm on the way, I hope its in as good condition as this little 50mm… fingers crossed.

Images on FLICKR as well

Fujifilm X-Pro1 + Anamorphic (I)


First Impressions:

This quirky little Leica clone is really starting to grow on me. Great ISO performance… Organic X-Trans CMOS sensor rendering filmic images with noise free shadows…. lack of an a/a filter… adding these up there really is something different about these images, that I quite like. Enough so that I can live with some of the camera’s oddities.

One of the reasons I chose the X-Pro1 was the beefier body. Very close to the size of a M9 the X-Pro1 is a better match for odd glass…then say a NEX7. I added the Thumbs Up (CSEP-2) grip/rest to help handle the load of heavier glass… which it does brilliantly…. also works to improve stability even with ultra small Leica M lenses. Such a great little improvement.

The quirks that really bug me…

1) The Q (quick menu) button is a great idea but why can’t I view the image when dialing in white balance/iso etc… seems like an correctable over site.

2) No focus peaking? The 1:1 zoom function is enough to get me by but even my $400 HD preview monitor has this feature built in. Let’s face it most folks are going to be using legacy glass on this camera at some point. Add this to the next firmware… all the mirror-less cameras are doing it!

3) I can’t speak to the Fuji Film 35mm or 60mm but please, please, PLEASE! Make a pro series of lenses ala Canon L series of glass. Make them simple and all manual if you must. I picked up the Fuji 18mm to try out and it was a train wreck of a lens. Decent enough image quality but the focus by wire system is a disaster. Even after the firmware update. On a bright day it couldn’t even hit consistent points. The delay in time it took for the lens to communicate with the body, process and relay the info back to the lens to respond in manual mode was unexceptionable. There must be a better way. A fast auto focusing set of PRO level primes with truly manual responsiveness would be next level for the FUJI system. The sensor tech seems to be there already.

I am just hoping there are no surprises when ADOBE updates the camera RAW plug-in and we can really enjoy these images.


Next up I’ll profile the ZEISS ZM line of LEICA M MOUNT lenses on the X-PRO and EPIC-X


Well almost… I’ve had this Piccolette Contessa-Nettel (1919) (1926-ish) folding camera for ages. Its been a great piece of photo history sitting on my shelf. Was curious if it could make pictures again, so I hacked it onto my 5D. Here are the results.


Zeiss Ikon 7.5cm f6.8 (wide open)
This lens is almost 100 years old and look how sharp it is…this blows my mind.

Zeiss Ikon 7.5cm f6.8 (wide open)
AT 100% CROP

Zeiss Ikon 7.5cm f6.8 (wide open)
Lens flare…not what I expected but very nice.

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