Iscorama 2001 (Anamorphic Lens) Part I

Iscorama 2001 50mm F1.8 ANAMORPHIC 1.5x (SINGLE COATED?) NIKON F

Produced in the 1990s in Germany. Covers FF Canon 5D MKII. Close focus says 6 feet but at F1.8 it was more like 10-12ft. This is a very sharp anamorphic even wide open. A bit of a pain to focus, but diopters make it very usable, and sharp at close range. Slim diopters + Vari ND vignette on the 5Dmkii. Slim diopters don’t vignette at all.


This rare beast might be the only all-in-one full frame anamorphic lens out there. You could probably Franken something close but the ISCO 2001 is a nice little compact package. My LOMO square fronts cover FF S35 (APS-H) on the EPIC-X but give no where near the coverage this lens provides.


Being single coated the Iscorama 2001 gives good flare.

Practical footage examples to come next…

Personal Notes:
I’ve own a bunch of ISCO lenses… the 36, 42 and this is by far the easiest to use. Not having to focus two lenses is a must.

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