Anamorphic Part I

An unscientific evaluation of the Lomo Anamorphic (Square Front) Lenses. These lenses were produced in Russia from 1970-1980.

-Images and Footage shot on my RED EPIC X
-5K anamorphic mode in RED COLOR2+RED GAMMA2 (UNGRADED TEST)

35mm T2.8, 50mm T2.4 and 80mm T2.5 in OCT19 mount

35mm @ T2.8 FLICKR LINK
- The smallest of the bunch, flares wide open as well as stopped down. A mastery of optical engineering a thing a beauty.

35mm @ T11 FLICKR LINK

50mm @ T2.4 FLICKR LINK

- Flares nicely wide open and less so when stopped down. These are heavier then their more modern round front counter parts, but still manageable hand held.

80mm @ T2.4 with a +1 DIOPTER FLICKR LINK

80mm @ T2.4 FLICKR LINK

Lomo Anamorphic Part I from Jason Bognacki on Vimeo.

Thanks Matt for standing in.

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